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PHA-ZE 100

The Opportunities

View our real-world scenarios to discover how our PHA-ZE 100 regional amphibious aircraft saves time, adds convenience, and puts the joy back into travel. Explore how we seamlessly connect coastal regions with traditional airports, add new city pairs to the regional network, and simplify otherwise complex journeys. The PHA-ZE 100 revolutionizes regional travel, eliminates the need for extensive infrastructure development and extends the possibility of flight to more passengers.

Join us on our trips below from London City Airport, Venice Lido Island, and the Miami Seaplane Base


Routes from London City Airport

London City Airport offers dual runway options with its land infrastructure adjacent to the
mighty River Thames. This allows for efficient transportation between water-based and
traditional airport locations, highlighting the flexibility and adaptability of seaplanes from
urban environments like London.

London to Oxford

Car: 1h 42’
Train: 1h 19’
PHA-ZE 100:19'

London to Birmingham

Car: 2h 31’
Train: 1h 16’
PHA-ZE 100: 38'

London to Cambridge

Car: 1h 40’
Train: 1h 15’
PHA-ZE 100: 19'

London to Norwich

Car: 2h 40’
Train: 1h 44’
PHA-ZE 100: 38'


Routes from Venice Lido Airport

With its unique network of canals and lagoons, Venice offers a blend of water-based
and traditional airport infrastructure, making it an ideal location to demonstrate the
versatility and adaptability of the PHA-ZE 100.

Venice to Florence

Car: 3h 14’
Train: 2h 15’
PHA-ZE 100: 48'

Venice to Trieste

Car: 1h 54’
Train: 2h 05’
PHA-ZE 100: 28'

Venice to Rijeka

Car: 2h 56'
Train: 3h 20’
PHA-ZE 100: 40'


Routes from Miami Seaplane Base

Miami, the dynamic southern Florida metropolis, is where culture, sport, entertainment,
and business converge. It is also a departure point for cruises, trips to the Keys and
numerous Caribbean islands. With its dedicated seaplane base and mobile population,
it offers the perfect backdrop to showcase the multiple applications the PHA-ZE 100

Miami to WP Beach

Car: 1h 19’
Train: 1h 55’
PHA-ZE 100: 25'

Miami to Key West

Car:  3h 17'
Train: 5h 17'
PHA-ZE 100: 45'

Miami to Nassau

Airline: 2h 50'
Yacht: 10h
PHA-ZE 100: 1h 40'


Interior Configurations

Explore the versatility of the PHA-ZE 100 seaplane, from economy to luxury configurations, including ambulance versions for both land and water rescue operations.

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